How to Achieve a Stylish Hide Away Breakfast Unit

Lately We have been looking at different ways to achieve functional breakfast units for those larger appliances such as toasters, kettles, and blenders. A Place to keep them hidden when they’re not being used. Today we want to share 5 ways of working this area into your kitchen and our favourite tips to maximise this space, providing style and function. (Houzz)

Modernised London Victorian home

Providing you have the space, it is nice idea to create your hide away breakfast unit separate to the rest of your kitchen. There are different ways to hide your breakfast unit away, and double doors can help to achieve a big statement once opened. Dress this area with colours that will link to the rest of your kitchens colour scheme. An all-white kitchen welcomes contrasting materials/colours beautifully. The wooded shelves introduce warmth to your white kitchen. Enhance this area further with pops of coloured pops of coloured kitchenware. (Amberth)

Modernised London Victorian home

When the breakfast unit is closed, the space is clean and minimal and you wouldn’t guess what lies beyond the doors. Make the most of your hidden breakfast areas and define it with a distinctive style.


Pocket doors are a brilliant the perfect space saver for open kitchen diners and great for tight spaces. Although you can close off your breakfast area, it is a good idea to keep things looking tidy to create a nice cooking, dining environment when open. (Trends Ideas)



This contemporary look shows how you can maximise space with what looks like, a pull-out worktop space and large draws below for added storage that can be hidden even when this area is in use. Pocket doors offer flexibility for areas regularly used. (Ernestomeda)


If you need help planning your breakfast units, we would always recommend you seek professional help and further details on creating your own breakfast area please don’t hesitate to contact us via telephone or email which can be found here Amberth. We will be happy to assist you with your bespoke project. (Lacartes)

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