5 Ways To Use Geometric Design

Geometric patterns – straight lines, circles, or squares – can add eye-catching texture to your room. Geometric designs are about balancing colours, prints, and textures so they seamlessly enhance one another and transform the space into a stylish masterpiece. Let’s look at the different ways of geometric design in interior design for achieving a cosmic environment.

Blank Canvas

Large areas of white, act as a space-enhancing backdrop to layers of bold colour. Black cabinets are used as a prominent feature in this dining area to accentuate the angular walls and furniture. The white, marble tiles produce work in unison with the natural light to create a reflection that gives the illusion of more space.

Photo Credit: Mobello

Metallic Modernist

Mix and match squares, rectangles and triangles and abstract patterns with metallic shades through the room. Large-scale forms are pared back with metallic finishes taking prominence and accessories featuring angular shapes in order to form a geometric inspired design. Metallic tones can include gold, bronze copper and this can give an industrial touch. Tamara Batsmanova demonstrates this look perfectly as she complements the simple organic brown base with gold geometric patterns.

Photo Credit: Tamara Batsmanova

Line Drawn

Classic stripes have been given an update with these linear furnishings. The Arigato lamp omits a Scandinavian simplicity and industrial vibe, which highlights the clean lines of the structure. The thin steel tube body in matte black powder creates a statement with the geometric design of the room. Connecting with readers from all over the world, Vosgesparis shows geometric can still work without the loud prints all over instead; subtle hints hidden in furniture can make an impact.

Photo Credit: Studio Grupa

Hexagonal Tiles

Sleek bathroom fixtures with contrasting hexagonal tiles are the perfect way to inject an eye-catching highlight. Wall mounted copper and marble fittings gives this bathroom a distinctive look in this stunning contemporary space. A solid surface basin gives a modern feel and mirrored wall cabinets provide confined storage and visually expands the space. Teaming functionality with style, Amberth builds layers by experimenting with tile and fixture compositions.

Photo Credit: David Giles

Graphic Design

Elevate a wall into a standout feature with horizontal and vertical bands of colour. Add oomph to your scheme with the bold Sumi wallpaper by Harlequin. This stunning geometric print in an on-trend indigo, stands out brilliantly against a neutral backdrop, while the visible brush strokes and graduated colour add extra depth.

Photo Credit: Harlequin

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