6 Tips for Creating the Ideal Open Plan Kitchen Diner

With a strong desire to bring the whole family together during meal time whilst having the right space for cooking and entertaining as a common request amongst our clients, open plan living is becoming a key feature we often consider when designing family spaces. This sometimes includes knocking down a wall in order to bring two spaces together, creating one large one or simply re-designing a kitchen layout to accommodate seating. Today we offer 6 tips to consider when opting for an open plan kitchen diner. (Image: Justine Hugh-Jones Design)

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1. Borrow elements from each space to help combine the look. With splashes of colour everywhere, and a kitchen island that incorporates shelving, an all-white background and free access to open shelving bring both spaces together whilst different flooring provides a nice transition from kitchen to dining. (Image: Amberth)


2. A space that is bright and light using clean whites and other lighter tones is a great way to instantly welcome family and guests to gather. If your spirit is being lifted when you enter a room you will want to reside there. (Image: Jelanie Shop)


3. Incorporating seating within the function of the design in the form of a breakfast bar or a dining table is another key feature that will invite those you wish to spend your time with. A design that works around you and caters to your needs is a space well designed. (Image: Jelanie Shop)


4. Having a clear vision of how you wish to use your space will set the foundation for realising your vision. By zoning the spaces and creating a clear division between the two as seen here with an entire wall dedicated to books you can achieve a comfortable transition from one space to the other retaining a relaxed feel for a self-contained purposes. (Image: Jelanie Shop)


5. A kitchen that allows you to celebrate life within the heart of the home is a fusion of good food, good company and good design. A kitchen without boundaries allows all components to resonate through each other. By investing in good quality appliances and advanced technology you can achieve the ultimate hub of creativity. Go big with your kitchen diner as it will probability be the most used place in the home. Think of it as an investment. (Image: Archiexpo)


6. It is important when designing an open plan kitchen diner to understand that comprise can be made to achieve a solution that will work best for the whole family. Ask yourself these questions; how often do I cook in my kitchen? Do I spend a lot of time preparing the food before actually cooking and how often do I use the oven? These simple questions will help you to understand the components required and the things you won’t use from here on you will understand the ideal positioning of everything and the size kitchen you really require. (Image: iDesignArch)

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