6 Ways to successfully use Steel Windows in your Bathroom

A bold material with the ability to capture elegance and a refined style. Crittall windows, a lasting trend, can add a defining balance to create a timeless look. Today we take a look at 6 successful bathroom designs that use crittall window in distinctive ways.


1. Define your style with a strong look, a crittall window can work as a great visual divide for the introduction of various different textures. You begin to frame various elements within your space, creating visually interesting views. (Image: Copperline)


2. Zoning your bathroom with crittall windows will offer plenty scope to define the design whilst introducing two different styles. Look at how this bathroom, although using a simple black and white colour pallet, has managed to create a masculine design with a feminine touch with the introduction of these encaustic floor tiles. Visually developing a main functional feature. (Image: Amberth)

simple steel window frame

3. Now here’s a twist you don’t see often, industrial crittall window in an rather elegantly traditional bathroom. A simple, easy look to achieve that captures a refined look. Crittall styles windows doesn’t always have to be extremely over the top and a small introduction can be just the balance your space needs. (Apartment Therapy)


4. Textured plastered walls, black steal frame shower screens with black fittings is all this bathroom needs for a strong calm scheme be be realised. (Anna Gillar)


5. Use crittall windows to divide space whilst keeping the two visually linked.


6. A classic combination is this great contrast of marble against this strong black steal. Two very distinctive look coming together to form great design. If you want to create a stand out bathroom with simple ideas that are easy to achieve, crittall windows is a great style that will last for years to come! For more daily inspiration and bold bathroom ideas with styles to steal follow us on pinterest and twitter (Image: Interior Design)

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