Small Home with a Feminine Touch and a feeling of Understated Luxe

Take a step inside this laid back home that identifies the key elements to designing a clean space with detail and texture in mind creating the ultimate understated luxe.


From the outset the inclusion of flowers become a common feature that is introduced and maintained throughout along with this portrait which instantly sets the tone for the rest of the space. An injection of femininity is already apparent and as you are given a glance into the kitchen this feeling seems to continue.


The kitchen is small yet sufficient, the white tiles and cupboard doors maintain the bright airy ambience the space provides whilst the wooden worktop bounce off the wooden dining table and chairs beautifully. A stainless steel oven and extractor fan infuses a grey metallic into the space, generating a soft shine whilst the crystal chandelier and flower vase creates texture and a modest elegant touch.


Each space connects the next as the style is echoed and boldly continues into the living space.

main.original.585x0 (2)

The same style chandelier has been used in the living space with the addition of rich tones of teal and navy blue, colours that enhance the space wonderfully adding a greater depth to the neutral colour pallet.


The unique vase is a textural centrepiece and holds a pretty selection of colourful flowers that rest gently in place, a nice addition and not too busy for the space whilst a quirky, vintage style drink trolley provides visual interest that this room accepts gracefully.


In the bedroom things look much more minimal, light grey walls and white flooring help to establish the uncluttered feel.


Large sliding wardrobe doors with mirrored panels reflect light, expanding the space to feel larger.


As you make your way through the hall you get a greater sense of personality by the choice of wall hangings and a striking chair. The brown tones inject further depth and character into the space. (All images: Entrance)

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