A Tasty Treat: Christmas Special

Around this time of the year, we tend to spend a tremendous amount of time in the kitchen, rustling up tasty snacks and beautiful food for all the family to enjoy. Today, we are giving you an extra special treat with a variety of food and desert ideas. With just a day left until Christmas, what will you do differently this year to bring that sparkle to the table? (Image: L’Anima Cafe)


Mulled Wine anyone? This is one of our all time favourite Christmas drinks and the perfect way to welcome in Christmas day. Wind down after a long day of prep work, for there is no better feeling than the strong, warming sensation of mulled wine the day before Christmas. (Image: Wall Street Journal)


Snaking on delicious food, is a massive part of Christmas, and prawns is one of the best finger food that you can create and recreate in many different ways. Spice up your Christmas eve with a lovely prawn selection accompanied with a choice of dips. (Image: my retail media)


If you’re after a unique idea for the ultimate appetiser then brace yourself for something effective and quick and easy to achieve yet The ‘Crostini’. Its a simple combination of sausage, mushroom, sage, bread, cheese, peas, onions and green beans. Follow the link for the step by step recipe. (Image: The Candid Appetite)


Why not take a slightly different approach this year and give your guests a variety of finger licking meat. Pair the traditional turkey with a leg of lamb, seasoned with rosemary or honey roasted if you prefer a sweeter tang. You most certainly cant go wrong here. (Image: Occasions Catering)


Hot Cider nog is the name, Apple Cider and Egg nog garnished with cinnamon and apples for a hot indulgent drink. (Image: How sweet it is)


If your looking for a delightful Christmas refreshments? Mince pie pops may be something you want to create, a contemporary take on the traditional mince pies. The idea of having a mince pie on a stick will add that fun element and can be interpreted in any way you wish, opting for a variety of your favourite fillings if you wish. (Image: Lydia Bakes)


Luxury matured Christmas pud anyone? Now, this is what we call a tasty treat traditional style pud, here’s to a fabulous Christmas from everyone here at Amberth. I hope you have been inspired to cook the best festive dishes. Merry Christmas 🙂

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