Add Space & Value to your Home with a Successful Loft Conversion

If you are considering a loft conversion and not sure where to start, it is important that you understand what purpose the additional space will bring to your home. This will ensure you create a space that will be used to its full potential and ultimately add value to your home. Office spaces, additional bedrooms or even a cosy den tend to be the most likely choice and with a bit of creativity and imagination the possibilities are endless.


Maintaining a minimal pallet of white against wood is a perfect match especially if you have a space flooded with natural light. An entire storage wall integrated into this room is great way to ensure excess storage become a seamless addition. This bedroom is a fine example of how a loft space can add useful value to your home. (Image: vtwonen)


A loft space can become a amazing children’s bedroom due to the slanted ceilings and flexibility to create sufficient storage. The excess light received by this part of the house means your child’s bedroom can become a very happy and inviting place for them to be. (Image: vtwonen)


A working studio is another amazing way to utilise loft space, with plain white walls and wood finishes you can generate a bright, spacious environment that can change and evolve over time. Such a space will always appeal to buyers and will increased the value of your home. (Image: mad about the house)


When you start to acknowledge how beautiful original features can be, it is then that the magic starts to unfold. A bedroom can be anything you desire especially when the space already offers so much. By allowing the original wooden beans to become the main design features this space has been made to look and feel warm, cosy and inviting.


If your home has the added benefit of a loft space, an office is always a great idea. Invest your time and a bit of money up there to ensure you achieve great results. The amazing thing about this modest room at the very top of your house is that you can be free to infuse fun, wit and charm into what could be dead unused space. Have fun with it, at least one room in your home should reflect you personality.

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