Bathroom Trends For 2018

Each New Year brings new trends in interior design and decoration. That definitely includes bathrooms, and there are plenty of new ideas out there for this important space. So if yours is in need of an update, here’s some inspiration.

Modern Nordic

Modern Nordic is influenced by Danish hygge and Swedish lagom. Use this look to create a calm retreat away from today’s frenzied technology and social media-dominated world. Combine architecturally clean-lined pieces – such as the Linea range of wall-mounted cupboards from bathstore – with soft, uncomplicated colours and organic, natural materials such as wood and stone.

Image Source: Victoria Plum

Cream Colours


Banish the grey with splashes of this season’s sorbet and ice cream shades. They work equally well as paint colours, wall tiles and accessories such as towels and blinds. It’s a fantastic way to add an instant update to an all white scheme.

Image Source: Amberth

Open Plan


Space – and how we use it to best effect – is as much an interior design trend as any other. Bathrooms are often compact in size so wet rooms and walk-in showers are an increasingly popular way to open up the room. They’re also easy to use by the young and old alike. Add style with statement showerheads and designer taps.

Image Source: Amberth

Japanese Serenity


The new serenity trend is inspired by the Japanese notion of Zen. Create a simplified, pared-back look that is the perfect antidote to the pressures of urban living with tonal colour combinations and natural wood such as raw oak for warmth. Oversized tiles will minimise the amount of grout lines, which will make for cleaner open wall and floor areas.

Image Source: Amberth

Luxe Affair


Rough Luxe is all about elevating an otherwise rustic space with decadent materials. Mix contrasting textures such as marble walls and shimmering gold metallics with sawn timber and polished concrete.

Image Source: Amberth

Hotel Sophistication


You’ll know what this means if you’ve ever been to a boutique hotel: instead of the standard bathroom, they tend to offer a lifestyle bathing space with designer lighting, quirky furniture pieces, boudoir seating and his ’n’ hers basins which, whilst indulgent, are also hugely practical.

Image Source: Michael Schmidt

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