Revive your Bathroom with New Taps

If you are thinking about making changes to your bathroom but wasn’t intending to renovate the entire space, you can achieve a new look by replacing your brass-ware. Such changes which can vary in the scale of work involved, is a worth while option to consider. If you want to explore the different options involved in making changes to your bathroom, This post is for you.


Before committing to any work in your bathroom it’s always advised to seek professional help. Explore your options with an experienced designer/builder to save yourself time and effort having rectify any problems. If you are thinking of making a subtle change, something simple like changing from chrome to stainless steel, maintaining a deck mounted solution should be straight forward. A small change can make a noticeable difference. Stainless steel provides softer look and a richer finish. If, however you were thinking of wall mounting your taps, work may be less straight forward.

Firstly, you would have to change your basin due to the holes that would be left behind from your previous deck mounted taps. In that case, it may be worth considering a brand-new vanity area all together, involving new tiles. Different bathrooms will require different work; therefore, it is imperative you seek advice before you commit. (Image: Amberth)


Brass taps, although quite a statement, is a versatile look that works well against robust materials such as wood and concrete or a neutral coloured tile. Add warmth to your bathroom and a contrasted your look with brass. Once again, a wall mounted option will require more work and a total vanity revamp may be what you are looking for. (Image: My Domaine)


Achieve a minimal, contemporary look with a difference! Black, matt taps will bring greater depth to your space and revive the current look of your space. (Image: Amberth)


Update both the basin taps, bath and shower taps, valves, and shower head for a coherent look throughout the space. (Image: Amberth)


Exert a luxury feel in your bathroom with a bath filler, losing your taps all together. This could mean replacing your bath all together. Replace deck mounted bath taps with deck mounted valves to control the temperature and flow of the water, a straight forward change, and a nice addition to your bathing experience. (Image: Amberth, Valves: Crosswater)


(Image: Amberth, Shower Valves: Crosswater)


From what was a modest bathroom with boring chrome taps, we transformed into to a stylish, contemporary space, designed by Amberth. Innovative use of taps provides this bathroom a fresh lift (Image: Amberth, Taps: The watermark Collection)


If you are thinking of updating your bathroom weather you want to implement small changes or a total remodel, always do your research. What you may consider to be a simple, small change, could turn out to be a much bigger job. For a free consultation on your bathroom and great advice, feel free to visit us at our showroom in Islington, on Essex Road, there’s always someone on hand to help. If you found this post useful, then don’t forget to comment (below), like and subscribe (top right hand side) for more home renovation advise sent directly to your inbox. (Image: Amberth)

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