How To Incorporate Colour Into Your Space

The environment you work in can have an incredible effect on your energy, creativity and focus so we have compiled interesting ideas that will get you thinking creatively and set you on your way to creating a home you can enjoy and be proud of. We have compiled interesting ideas that will get you thinking creatively and set you on your way to creating a home you can enjoy and be proud of.


When it comes to painting your room the usual place to start painting is the wall however painting the ceiling or cornices can create a show stopping appeal. This decorative ceiling in is coloured in deep grey which gives the space a wow-factor whilst adding adding depth to this minimalist style.

Image Credit: Dkor Interiors


A fireplace is a perfect addition for any space therefore this Scandinavian style room has placed focus on the feature. The fireplace is coloured with a vibrant punch of yellow and this enhances the warmth of the burning fire. Use colours that will enhance other elements of the space.

Image Credit: Your Fire


Make your transition from one space to another more delightful with a unique application of paint. Apply a darker tone of the very same colour and show emphasis to the door frame. The block of colour will create a charming style and it will create a relaxing energy to the space.

Image: Veranda Interiors

Movement from one space to another need not be boring and the staircase is the ideal place to experiment with transitional colour and pattern between levels. The coloured wall angles create a multi-dimensional colour effect and this projects the space into an alluring spectacle for those who are using the stairs.

Image Credit: Design Soda

Instead of placing colour on the walls you can dress your furniture and accessories with colour. By selecting larger items such as curtains, sofa or table, you can introduce an cohesive and charming layer of colour. Yellow captivates the space as it is infused in the curtain which captures the natural light thus enhancing its radiance. The contrasting colour sky blue, a monochrome rug on the floor and brass details to hep to bounce the natural light around the room. Remember to have fun with colour for added interest.

Image Credit: Jonathan Adler

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  2. Charly says:

    Colours are an essential part of the property design, so must be careful when choosing them.

    • Letiche Black says:

      We couldn’t agree more! It is important to enjoy selecting colour in your home, and sometimes you’ve got to take risks.

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