Create a Kitchen that can Evolve Over Time

When designing a kitchen which you would like to maintain for years to come, sometimes less is more! Being diligent with your choices and having a tactful approach you can produce a space that is refreshing, stimulating and enjoyable. Check out these spaces that have adopted minimalism in a profound way.


Introduce contrasting colours with materials that will connect to the new to the existing elements of the building, expressing the essential features succinctly. (Image: Vincent Van Duysen)


Be courageous with your design intentions and smart in your decisions if you wish to introduce further elements to your space as time goes on. In simple terms go for those audacious colours as a backdrop as they will welcome a showy display of accessories in a variety of finishes which can be hidden away or left out for all to see, all at your own will.


Bit by bit you can acquire a collection of utensils that over time may or may not determine a distinctive style that you wish to uphold. The beautiful thing here, is you are free to shift this style as times goes by and transform your space as often as you see fit! (digsdigs)


There is no suggesting to pay it safe, in fact, be encouraged to go for that one finish you love and wish you could have in every room, making it a feature in itself. Introduce wood,a timeless grain, that is soft on the eye, warm and welcoming and Offset this with neutral tones. By doing this, you have a Kitchen for life, an engaging undertone that will welcome a splash colour about with your pots and pans. This is a great tip to adopt if you have an open-plan kitchen diner.


When you have an abundance of natural light as a feature that will prevail in its ability to infuse a sense of energy and life into a space, there is no need to be over the top in appearance. In fact a more stripped back approach will help to achieve a connection to the outdoors. (Image: Decorcraze)

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