Creative Storage Ideas for the Space Under the Stairs

At Amberth we specialise in bespoke cabinets and storage solutions so we are always on the lookout for new ideas. In a project we completed a while back, we had to utilise the space under our client’s staircase to its best potential. We designed a utility cupboard to store the washing machine and dryer that seamlessly integrates into the overall kitchen design.


The space above not only holds our client’s utility supplies, but also contains a small guest toilet (pictured below). Having a small guest toilet unit underneath the stairs proved to be a great solution for practicality purposes. The main bathroom is two floors up and wouldn’t be ideal for people using the kitchen/diner.


Although the space is small, the use of colour and positioning of mirrors opens up the space, creating an illusion of greater depth. There are many other ways to use the space underneath your stars, below we show other ways to utilise this space. Office space, desk area, lounge area or closet space are all other ways to maximise this space.

creative storage solutions under the stairs - a perfect bookcase

If you have a large staircase, open storage for books and other decorative accessories works well. We pride ourselves on the bespoke storage solutions for our clients.

A unique storage solution may be a worth-while option for that unique touch, giving you exactly what you want. Conquering the ideal staircase storage will in the long run, benefit your daily living. (Image: Zen Shmen)

creative storage solutions under the stairs - closed storage

Closed storage is a great way to store clothes or shoes keeping your space neat and tidy, and pull out drawers is a good way to utilise the entire depth of the space.

Don’t get caught up with the idea of needing this space to be perfectly arranged, get your doors on, and allow this area to evolve over time. If you are thinking about getting your own unique storage for beneath your stairs, then we would love to hear from you, get in touch by clicking here; Amberth and filling out a contact form. A member of our team will be in touch shortly.  (Image: Amazing Interior Design).


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