Design Your Child’s Bedroom with the Furniture in Mind

At Amberth, we believe that great design should have an element of future proof in mind. The ability to change or adjust a space, to suite different ages or to consider multiple people using the space at any one time, is the luxury of having a bespoke service.

The brief for this bedroom design, was to create a space that can evolve or be adjusted over time. For this project, Amberth’s task was to design a bedroom for six-year-old boy with potential to grow withe the space. The idea was to take the key furniture pieces and design them to be adaptable. The jungle theme was an idea that our client welcomed, we therefore ensured to keep it as grownup as possible, opting for different shades of greens fro a more gown up pallet.

The proposed idea for the additional sleep space in this room was to have an additional bed built beneath the main bed that would be pulled out when needed and pushed back in when no longer in use, a great alternative to a bunk bed. Not only does this encourage a more  grown-up scheme, but you also save lots of space.

A slide and hide bed works well in this scheme and when pulled out, there is still enough space to play with toys and hang out with friends.

Another tip would be to opt for a wall mounted desk, providing the ability to move the desk up when the child gets bigger. The floor storage is also movable, offering flexibility with where it can be stored. A chalk wall allows young hands and an exploring mind, to be creative and expressive.

The great thing about the bespoke service that Amberth provide, is the ability to design innovative spaces with smart solutions for your space, to design a space around how the space will be used. If you require any information about our design service, please feel free to get in touch with Amberth on 02073548958.

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