Encaustic tiled Bathrooms

Encaustic tiles are ceramic tiles that use different coloured clay to produce their unique pattern and usually consist of two colours although they may be composed of as many as six. Here at Amberth we have used these gorgeous tiles in a recent project and simply loved the look they provide. Using encaustic tiles in your bathroom is all about refinement and a courageous statement that will make bath time more blissful. If you are after an injection of pattern and charm, these gorgeous tiles will help to set the tone for your space, encouraging careful consider of the rest of the room. (Image: Home Adore)


Black and white encaustic tiles paired with a black free standing bath forms a striking bathroom that’s fun and stylish. (Image: Whiting Architects)


This bathroom is a fine example of just how these striking tiles can form a space that is a smart eclectic mix of styles and a gentle blend of colours that bounce off each other. (Image : Stephan Karlisch)


This black and white shower room designed by Amberth celebrate these tiles in a tasteful way creating an audacious statement. This is enhanced throughout the space with a selection of fixtures and fitting adding tones of charm to a stylish shower room. (Image: Amberth)


Another simple and effective bathroom, cleverly embraces encaustic floor tiles and a wonderful way. A simple space with meaningful additions allows the space to reflect a unique balance of style. (Image:Transitoinicial)


This fresh, bright and modern bathroom has designed the space around the gorgeous floor tiles. Every element of this design rests on the bold, endearing tiles. (Image: Madam Bon Bon)


The wonderful thing about these tiles is the sheer versatility they present. Not only do these distinctive tiles look amazing on the floor but they look superb when used to create a feature wall. An expressive and compelling notion is expressed through impact of these tiles. (Image: Bathromist)

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