Foursteel Towel Radiators: A Minimalist Design

Choosing the right towel radiator for your bathroom is probably a small detail that is often over looked or a decision left till the end of a project. They can sometimes be too large or chunky for the space which can look out of place or challenging to position. One of the latest products that we love right now are these towel radiators discovered last month down at 100% Design. The company behind this product is called Foursteel.


These metal rods provide a minimal approach that are perfect for small spaces and can be used in as many or little variations required.


With a choice of finishes and the clever on and off switch operation at the end of each rod, the four slim products will provide huge versatility and a sleek addition to any bathroom.


The nice thing about this design is the adaptability to any given space, positioning them vertically or horizontally with the ability to arranging them in as many as six at a time.


With their minimal appeal and great flexibility, you are able to heat as many rods at any given time together of individually to suit your needs.


The m tube round which is available in brushed or polished stainless steel as well as white or textured black steel is a continuation of the minimalist range.


The minimal range also has this amazing unique design which stands vertically and comes complete with hooks where you are able to hang your towels. You are able to produce a compact design with this smart product that comes in two different sizes.

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