How to Best Position your Free-standing Bath

A well designed bathroom can boost your mood at the beginning of the day and help you to indulge in some ‘me time’ at the end. Making informed decisions about how you will use this space is the best way to form the right layout that works for your needs and that of the whole family. If you are thinking of investing in a free-standing bath, it is vital you get the best position to achieve a space you will love for years to come. (Image: Amberth)


Position the bath against a partition wall sitting directly in front of a walk-in shower area, high in convenience and perfect for a coupled use. Choose your taps to suit the tile colour for a calm, inviting feel. Your freestanding bath will sit seamlessly in the space and a serene atmosphere can be achieved. (Image: Home Adore)


If your space naturally has a lending wall positioned at a nice distance from the window, use this wall to introduce art, and create a feature wall. Position your free-standing bath against this wall, keeping the bath away from direct light, for a laid back, restful vibe. An arrangement like this will help to zone your space and achieve flexible results. Create a feature in your bathroom with a free standing bath. (Image: Rogerseller)


Large floor to ceiling windows in a bathroom can help to determine where to position your bath. Position your bath half way exposed to the light and half way in the shade then feel free to decide which way you would like to sit or lay back and relax in your own time. (Image: Chapar.Co)

Traditional style bathroom

For a more modest sized bathroom, it’s a good idea to position your bath along the length of the window facing your view on entering the space. This will free up more space for other fixtures and fittings. Set your bath to the furthest point in your bathroom for utmost flexibility. If you have a more traditional styled bathroom, throw in a bold coloured free standing bath to update the look and add a contemporary touch. (Image: Amberth)

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