Boiling Water Taps

Wednesday 22 November 2017

With technology constantly evolving and companies adapting their products to ensure the latest features are available to their buyers, you are often faced with a several brands producing similar appliances with slight differences. Today we are looking at how the … Continue reading

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Bathroom Colour Trends

Wednesday 15 November 2017

With colour trends constantly changing and evolving, Amberth like to explore the use of different colour combinations and the impact it may have on a space. As specialists in bathroom designs we thought it would be a good idea to … Continue reading

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Using Tropical Leaf Wallpaper in your Home

Wednesday 8 November 2017

Making a statement in your home is a brave move, a worthwhile risk once you get it right. It isn’t the easiest decision to make but with a bit of help, you can transform your space from drab to fabulous. … Continue reading

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Approach your Dream Bathroom by Following these 7 Handy Steps

Wednesday 1 November 2017

We all want to create our dream bathroom to meet space and style requirements, and this process is often met with various challenges, such as sourcing the right materials, making good use of natural light, and maximising your space. Today we will … Continue reading

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5 Ways to Make Small Bathrooms Look and Feel Bigger

Wednesday 25 October 2017

With more time and effort being invested in home refurbishments, people are looking for different creative ways to enhance their home for their own personal gain, which in turn will increase its value. As specialists in small bespoke bathrooms we … Continue reading

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  • Jean Nairon says:
    Wow ! Great pictures , bathrooms are very essential part of home so its very important to make it very comfortable.Loved the way you shows the design. Regards Jean
  • Offrs says:
    I love bathrooms design! Most of the houses are soooo expensive but I love the modern simplicity of them.
  • Storage Solutions to help Maintain an Organised Kitchen

    Wednesday 18 October 2017

    A big ask among our clients is to maximise the space in their kitchen with smart storage solutions. As bespoke Kitchen & Bathroom designers we are always thinking of innovative ways to incorporate the right amount of storage to suite … Continue reading

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    We Don’t Sell Kitchens We Design the End User Experience

    Wednesday 11 October 2017

    When renovating your kitchen, what is more important to you? How it will look? or how you will experience the space? As bespoke Interior designers we specialise in creating an experience for our clients. In simple terms, ‘we don’t sell … Continue reading

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