How to Choose the right Extractor Fan for Your Kitchen

Today we are talking extractor fans and how to decide on the right one for your space. Firstly, you will need to know the amount of air required to extract odours, fumes and steam efficiently. The best way to work this out is to measure your space, length x width x height and times the result by 10 (as one needs at least 10 changes of air per hour). This will tell you the exact amount of airflow required for your space and help you to search for the right one for you. Ensure you go for the right specification to gain maximum ventilation. (Image: Devol Kitchens)


Choose built-in appliances, hob, under-mounted sink and ceiling mounted extractor fan if your kitchen already exerts character with the use of materials. This allows different materials to become refined whilst maintaining a clean design. Check air uno for ceiling mounted cooker hood ideas. (Image: L4 Interior)


If you are after clean lines, minimal appeal and freedom in your design choices, a down draft extractor fan is a good solution. Not only can it be hidden within the worktop when not in use but it also doubles up as a splash back. This design is perfect for kitchen islands and open plan spaces. (Image: Gaggenau)


Down drafters come in all different styles so do shop around for your preferred look and specification needs. Before purchasing, always check that the downdraft model can be used with your hob as not all models are compatible with gas hobs. (Image: Air Uno)


If you like the idea of a cooker hood extractor then it’s worth investing in one that will enhance the look of your space whilst lending itself as a multi-purpose devise. This one has been designed with hooks to store pots and pans, adding character to a contemporary space. (Image: Design Speaking)


A cooker hood extractor fan can sometimes really enhance the look of a kitchen depending on the style. A shaker style normally welcomes this addition gracefully. (Image: Amberth)


High ceilings? worry not, as there will be designs out there to suit all types of spaces. They come in different shapes, sizes and colours so have fun finding the perfect extractor fan that will last you years to come. (Image: Matthewwoodword)

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