Inside Out: The Beauty of Outdoor Living

Summer is finally here in London after a slow start. It’s no wonder many of us are yearning for a little outdoor sanctuary. This is the perfect time to create your own garden hideaway. A refuge from the noisy streets and overcrowded public transport, a place where you can relax with family and friends over a BBQ.

Here in London, we know a thing or two about gardens and the soothing effect of nature. There used to be a clear distinction between indoor and outdoor spaces, whereas now increasingly people are integrating the two. ‘Living walls’ are cropping up in commercial interiors while new furniture solutions are emerging for residential outdoor lovers. We especially love the growing trend for glass extensions with steel window frames. Using glass doors creates a seamless link between a kitchen or living room and an urban garden – linking the two spaces together in perfect harmony.

We love the use of outdoor plants in this light and spacious kitchen.

Why not incorporate a skylight into your extension? After all, you can never have too much natural light.  Invest in a quality sofa for your patio, creating an outdoor living room to die for!

Get the look

If you were inspired by our latest design, how about creating an urban hideaway of your own? Here are some of our favourite items to help you create your own outdoor summer haven.

Clockwise from top left:

  1. Bowen Rattan Modular Chair from Habitat
  2. Skyline Chiminea from John Lewis
  3. Zen screen from Archi Tonic
  4. Orange tree from Thomson & Morgan
  5. Zen sofa from Exteta
  6. Orange tree from Van Meuwen

Photography by David Giles

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