Installing a New Kitchen Worktop? Find out What’s Involved

As well as designing and fabricating kitchens, bathrooms and fitted interiors, we also supply a vast range of worktops to suit all styles. Whether designing an entire space or making small changes to your kitchen, your worktop can make a big difference and has become a popular option with some of our clients who aren’t quite ready to change their entire space. Today we will take you through the process of installing a new worktop.

A visit to our Islington showroom where we have three kitchens on display and a wide selection of worktop samples to choose from is a good starting point. This initial step allows time to look, touch and feel the various materials available, with an insight into possible splash-back options to complete the look. Visitors to our showroom, love the flexibility involved when being presented with different possibilities, plus our expert advice to help make informed decisions. For a seamless, continuous look, with the flexibility to create unique shapes, a Corian worktop and splash-back would be a great choice. (Above: Corian worktop and splash-back)

If you can’t decide on one worktop and have a few favourites, you are free to take away samples to get a better idea of how it will look in your space, against your existing cabinets. Alternatively, if we are designing and supplying your cabinets for you, we can order cabinet door samples to take away, along with the worktop sample to see how it will look in your space.

Above: A polished concrete worktop creates a sleek industrial finish for a contemporary kitchen.

Once a choice has been made, we ask for measurements of the worktop you wish to replace. We create a drawing of the worktop and send it off to our fabricator, who will provide us with a quote. At this stage, you may still be unsure of which worktop you prefer, in which case we would quote for two options, to help you comes to a final decision.

Neolith Estatuario was used for this worktop and kitchen island (above), providing extreme durability and a classic statement due to its authentic interpretation of Carrara marble.

It takes up to two days to receive a quote via email. Once you are happy with the quote, we are ready to proceed with the order. A Composite Stone worktop is an excellent choice for those wanting to create the look of real stone. It doesn’t crack or chip easily and has a soft minimal appeal (Above: Composite stone).

Depending on the complexity of the design, a template visit will normally last no longer than 5 hours. Once the template has been carried out a further visit is arranged for installation. (Above: A chef style kitchen uses brushed Stainless Steel for a minimal look with a subtle industrial feel).

The fabrication takes between 7-12 days, depending on the material. For Granite (above), Composite Stone, Porcelain, and glass the process takes 7-10 days, and for concrete and stainless steel 8 days. Once your worktop has been fabricated, we are ready to install. Installation can take up to a day to complete.

If you found this post helpful and would like to speak to a someone about a worktop installation for your kitchen or for more information on Kitchen worktops, splash-backs, or other fitted interiors, please get in touch here, and a member of our team will get back to you as soon as possible. Alternatively, give us a call on 02073548958 (Photography; David Giles).

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