Use Sliding Doors to Achieve a Coherent, Open-Plan Kitchen Diner

We have recently been looking at different ways to achieve a minimal look in open plan kitchen diners, utilising all surface area and incorporating multi-purpose functionality and flexibility. The challenge about having an open plan kitchen diner is successfully brining two spaces together to work as one coherent scheme. Clever use of materials can make a big difference to the look and feel. This kitchen space has a wooden panel sliding system allowing a constant connection between kitchen and dining in an ever so discrete way, adding elegance to the space. (Image: Koichi Takada Architects)


Using the same material for the sliding system and floors permits a peppermint connection between the two. When the sliding doors are left open the space becomes one space yet it can be closed away without interruption. (Image: Koichi Takada Architects)


Attain a changeable kitchen with contrasting colours and materials. A floor to ceiling sliding door mechanism will allows you to use a bold colour that can be completely tucked away for a minimal feel and opened for a more engaging space. (Image: 1Decor)


Stainless steel sliding doors have been used in this kitchen to obtain a sleek look, bouncing light around the space whilst maintaining a polished look.


If you like the idea of having easy access to your regularly used ingredients yet want the flexibility of closing it away from time to time, a sliding system would be something to consider. This will keep your open plan kitchen dining area looking neat and well-kept. Introduce an additional material to add contrast to the rest of the space. (Image: Remodelista)


(Image: Viola Sacci)

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Utilise the space behind your sink as extra storage if you have the scope to do so. Use a sliding system to shut it off when it’s not being used, and maintain a tidy space. (Image: Design Space). For more information on sliding doors in your kitchen, feel free to contact us here, and a member of our team will be in touch.

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