Luxury Bathroom Collection

As a company who makes bespoke furniture, we appreciate well-crafted pieces when we see them and we love this collection which will add that touch of luxury into any bathroom. ISSY, a collaboration with Reece and Australia Design brand Zuster is a fresh, bespoke style that offers a classic look.


The craftsmanship in these pieces allow for each item to stand firm in simple beauty whilst different tones of wood crafted from solid oak presents a rich quality. This clever design allows for multi-functional use as seen here with this towel rail incorporated within the design of this vanity unit. (ISSY Z1 Ballerina Custom 901-1100 Vanity Unit).


This simple arrangement has a charming essence with a smart look which offers a clever objective and challenges the way we use our bathroom spaces. It forces its users to enjoy full length mirror views as well as close up face views side by side, providing a nice vocal point for the space. (ISSY Z8 Butterfly).


What makes these items stand out are its unique elements such as these draws that have handles below rather than on top. (ISSY Z8 Butterfly).



With such a timeless design and four colours to choose from you have the flexibility to work this gorgeous pieces into any styles. (ISSY Z8 Butterfly).

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