Kitchen Electrics & Ventilation

Wednesday 14 June 2017

When designing a new kitchen, there are many things to be considered, from the aesthetics to the practicality of the design. Amberth help people achieve a kitchen to suite family requirements and individual needs, with style in mind. In this … Continue reading

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  • lualejmonze says:
    I never realised the electrics and ventilation in a kitchen require this much planning. I'm especially intrigued by the idea of putting plug sockets where entertaining takes place. I only ever think of the plugs required for appliances.
  • Carl Hansen & Son at Clerkenwell Design Week

    Wednesday 31 May 2017

    Following our visit to Clerkenwell Design Week packed full of inspiration, from furniture to soft furnishings to accessories and innovative materials, we introduce you to the quality brand ‘Carl Hansen & Son. At Amberth we hold quality in very high … Continue reading

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    How to Use Wallpaper in Your Bathroom

    Wednesday 24 May 2017

    What makes our service truly bespoke is the individual approach we have for each project, working with unique measurements and requirements. Lately we have been working on a children’s bathroom where our client wanted a feature wall, we decided to … Continue reading

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  • Using Tropical Leaf Wallpaper in your Home | Amberth Interior Design and Lifestyle Blog says:
    […] Did you read about tropical leaf wallpapers? You might want to check out our post on using wallpaper in your bathroom. […]
  • Space Saving, Under-Counter Refrigerator Drawers

    Wednesday 3 May 2017

    With bespoke kitchen designs becoming a popular way of creating the perfect kitchen, space saving ideas is too, and today we are looking at under-counter refrigerator drawers that offer a clever way to discreetly store cold items. These drawers can … Continue reading

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    Structural Changes & House Renovations: What’s Involved?

    Wednesday 26 April 2017

    Whether it’s a complete re-build, a new extension, knocking down a wall to introduce a new one, or re-vamping an existing staircase, before making any structural changes to your home, it is important to find our if your property is … Continue reading

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  • Letiche Black says:
    Were glad you liked this post and yes, we can’t stress enough how important it is to have skilled professionals involved in your house renovation.
  • Caitlin says:
    This is a great post, whilst structural changes aren't as fun to make as interior design, they are essential to making your home efficient and they lay in the foundations of a putting a personal touch to the house. It's so important to make sure you have skilled professionals, structural changes, especially plumbing ones are crucial to an everyday working home and not getting good quality work can result in costly problems in the future.
  • Amberth’s Free Standing Baths

    Wednesday 19 April 2017

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    6 innovative Appliances to give your Kitchen a Sleek, Stylish Look

    Wednesday 19 April 2017

    As a fast forward industry constantly moving forward with new innovative technology, our design approach is constantly evolving to suite the latest products available on the market. We like to stay up to date with the latest appliances, giving our … Continue reading

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