Small Kitchens that Proves Size isn’t Everything

Wednesday 23 November 2016

The greatest challenge we face when working with small kitchens is maximising space whilst ensuring the design isn’t compromised too much. From the choice of materials to the innovative layout, both vital to developing a strong scheme. Working with small … Continue reading

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5 Ways to Use Velvet’s in your Bedroom or Living Space this Winter

Wednesday 9 November 2016

Every year for the past few years, one things for sure! Velvet’s have managed to find a place in our home, creating a main feature in our bedroom or living space. We therefore thought it would only be right to … Continue reading

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  • How to Use Pattern and Texture in your Shower Room for a Warm Luxury Feel

    Wednesday 2 November 2016

    It has become more common to invest time and money in your bathroom for a greater sense of satisfaction and a look that will last for years to come. As specialist in bathroom renovations, we are faced with many different … Continue reading

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  • Industrial Steel Windows go Residential

    Wednesday 26 October 2016

    With the Industrial trend evolving and being transforming into something much more contemporary, it has become less about creating an overall look and more about taking elements to help inspire a look or style for your home. Take these striking … Continue reading

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  • An Oxfordshire House Renovation

    Wednesday 26 October 2016

    We were appointed to re-design a house in Oxfordshire, introducing a brand-new layout for a large family home. Our client wanted an open plan space that would flow naturally. Their new design now accommodates a vast amount of their personal … Continue reading

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    When to use a Glass Splashback in Your Kitchen

    Wednesday 19 October 2016

    Lately we have had an influx of requests for glass splash backs. Clients either want to introduce further finishes elsewhere in their kitchen and wish to avoid a clash of materials or keen to maintain a natural flow of light … Continue reading

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    Amberth’s Boutique Bathrooms

    Wednesday 12 October 2016

    Working with different clients over the years has allowed us to implement a huge variety of styles. When we’re given a brief that involves unique bathroom ideas, this becomes an opportunity for us to explore materials and interesting layouts. Today … Continue reading

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