Storage Solutions To Create An Ergonomic Kitchen

Whether you are lucky enough to have a large kitchen, or you’re less blessed in the spacious kitchen department, everyone can benefit from clever storage solutions.
For many of us, the kitchen is the hub of the home, so it’s important to create a well-organised space that is not only a pleasure to use but also enhances our busy lifestyles.
Keeping storage in mind from the moment you start your kitchen design is a great way to ensure the flow of the kitchen isn’t disturbed, and all of the storage choices you make can be much more natural.

Start by taking a walk around your current kitchen and think about what works and what doesn’t. Where should things ideally be placed for a better flow? It makes sense to keep plates near the dishwasher for easy unloading, baking trays close to the oven for cooking and condiments beside the hob for instant seasoning. These are all things that can be put in place once you begin to plan your new kitchen – remember fitted storage solutions maximise space and give a beautifully streamlined look.

Choose the best storage solutions for your kitchen. Here are some of the main areas to consider when planning kitchen storage.


Opting for drawers instead of standing shelving will more than double your storage space as well as making everything well organised and easy to access. Drawers with dedicated areas for crockery also mean less damage and chipping. Choose from fully extending compartments, push-open and soft-closing mechanisms. Hidden drawers are a great idea for smaller kitchens.


Kitchen larders are making a major comeback with a recent surge in popularity following the growing trend to ‘eat in’. As more of us cook and entertain at home, there has been an increase in the demand for dedicated food storage. Equipped with anti-slip shelves, effortless action and soft-close doors and drawers, the focus is on easy access and efficient ergonomics. There are pull out larders, tandem larders and swing larders to choose from depending on your kitchen size, shape and style.


There’s no excuse to lose any space in a corner cabinet, as there is a wide variety of clever solutions for both base and wall units. Curved cabinets and worktops are one of the latest trends in kitchen design, especially for island units, so a bespoke corner system can be created to suit.

When it comes to worktop level, there are plenty of ways to make it work. Tambour roller shutters can be used to conceal a small shelving unit where small appliances and accessories can be hidden from view. Splashbacks can be teamed with hanging rails for utensils while traditional kitchens with a pilaster either side of the chimney breast can incorporate neat spice cabinets while still retaining the character of the room.

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