Open Wardrobes: A backdrop for your Finest Attire

It’s a new year, a time for new ideas and positive changes. What better way to start a brand new chapter than with a new wardrobe space, a different approach, utilising unused spaces into chic open storage systems, ultimately forcing you to get organised. Open wardrobes with a hanging display is a great way to stay on top and remain organised providing an alternative to the traditional wardrobe. This approach looks great in a crittall style steel finish, an industrial more laid back feel. How will you organise all your new bits from the January sales as well as your all time favourites? (Image: Archiproducts)


All-black open shelving really does grant a well organised space, whether you are displaying your favourite vintage suitcases or your crisp white shirts, you can certainly show off some of your best bits and create an attractive working wardrobe. (Image: Archiproducts)


This casual arrangement works well for someone who wants to grab and go, those regular worn suits and your best boots will be easily accessible for those rushed morning. A black steel finish is bold, simple and effective so if you’re the laid back type then this solution could be perfect. (Image: Porro)


This free standing shelving would work best in a well proportioned room as it can be moved to your desired place. In this case though, it takes centre stage, demanding the attention of whoever comes in contact with it. I guess something like this would permit your finest attire. (Image: Archiproducts)


The best part about having open wardrobes is that it can help you to organise what you will wear from week to week, keeping other items out of sight or pushed to the back. If this is a preferred approach, invest in large boxes that can be pushed in and out as and when it’s needed. Utilise those nooks and obscure corners as they can become interesting storage systems (Image: Fancy)


The crittall style steel finish is by far our favourite looks for these clever open wardrobes solutions, they are audacious, uncomplicated, and compelling. (Image: The Lux Home)

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