The latest trends in contemporary radiator design

The history of heating started in the Roman Empire. Some buildings used central heating systems, conducting air heated by furnaces through empty spaces under the floors and out of pipes in the walls—a system known as a hypocaust. In the XIX century, Franz San Galli, a Polish-born businessman, invented the radiator between 1855–1857. A major step in the final shaping of modern central heating.

Today more and more people strive to achieve individuality and style to suit their homes and life style. Whether it be a contemporary look or more classical period look, our selection of designer radiators will appeal to all styles.

Here is a selection of the products created by the manufacturers we work with in order to bring together the most inspiring range of designer radiators, modern radiators and custom built bespoke radiators:

Contemporary glass bespoke radiators for your central heating system developed by Tell Me First will leave your home looking stunning.


Reina Fiore radiator is available in a choice of white or anthracite finishes and is suitable for all rooms.

fiore reina

Aluminium Zaros Horizontal Vasco radiator will look good in any kind of modern interior.


The Jaga Knockonwood is the very first wooden radiator. The beautifully designed simple yet elegant covering has been finished with the finest veneer and is made with a durable wood that curves gracefully along the wall. The Jaga Knockonwood’s warm power radiates from its Low-H2O core, which guarantees energy savings and greater heating comfort.

166-_MG_8138a web

Manufacturing Paladin hand polished cast iron radiator requires a very special technique involving each section of a cast iron radiator being hand polished to produce a desirable look. Each part of the radiator is polished to perfection, taking all finish away from the bare cast iron metal. The Paladin full polishing service will also polish the back of the radiator, in case both of the sides are visible in the flat. Paladin’s hand polish service guarantees a magnificent look to any cast iron radiator, plain or ornate, and is perfect for the hallway or reception room.


Featuring integral valves this stunning combination of solid 32mm brass collectors, with textured white Ancona radiator, provides traditional style with an exceptional output.


Floor duct heaters, or trench heaters, provide heating from beneath the floor, and are available in bespoke sizes. The units have an aluminum punched stainless steel grille. They are suitable for buildings with areas of floor-to-ceiling glazing such as conservatories, car showrooms or properties where the installation of conventional radiators would be inappropriate. They can be sited within a concrete slab or between joists and manufactured to suit almost any application.


Aeon Elan is all about the detail – a row of square tubes with perfectly round hollow centers. This is a head turner with sizes to fit every conceivable space.


The Ludlow School House design has a crisp, square profile and is avaliable with the added benefit of a footed end section as well being suitable for use with cast feet, paw feet or wall brackets. The Radiator Company works with some of the best Italian radiator designers and manufacturers to bring you a wide choice of stylish and quality products.









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