Tiled Bathrooms

When choosing tiles for your bathroom, the style and colour you decide on will determine the ambience you achieve among other elements to incorporate into the space to build a coherent scheme. Butcher tiles will help to establish a simple, understated Scandinavian feel which works particularly well in small spaces, a look that will allow you to infuse other textual elements such as plants into your space. Today we present a selection of bathrooms ideas that realise different looks. (Image: Room by Sophie)


If you are after a contemporary feel with a bit more visual significance, a hexagonal tile is a clever option. Keep the tile colour neutral, introducing natural textures such as wood. Allow the authentic feel to resonate throughout the space with metallic additions as seen here with these brass taps, overall a timeless unique appeal will become apparent.
(Image: de de ce)


To create a cosy, intimate space, a dark coloured hexagonal wall tile will bring tones of depth to fill your bathroom. Contrast this with a light coloured floor tile to ensure the look is kept feeling light and not too heavy.

(Image: The Domestic Darling)

Mosaic tiles is for sure an acquired taste but when used in the right way, incredible results can be achieved. Take this white and silver mosaic tile, against a plain white wall, a simple yet effective look is established. Wooden details then introduce a rustic quality that stands out with relevance against an all-white scheme. (Daniella Witte)


Using the same coloured tile on both the walls and floor, keeping the tiles large will help to achieve a classic look, whilst black fixtures and fittings keeps the look current. The brilliant thing about this look is that the lighting will establish different tones of grey on the walls and floors. (Image: Katrina Chambers life & design)


Don’t be afraid to go bold and dark even in the smallest space, incorporate a large mirror and the space will appear larger than it actually is. Once you are clear in the look you wish to achieve, choosing you tile will become less of a task and you will start to enjoy designing the bathroom you have always wanted. (Image: Robson Rak Architects)

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