Things To Avoid For An Easy To Maintain Home

When designing your home, there are clever decisions you can make to help with the long-term maintenance without the hassle of constant cleaning. We have tips for what you can avoid while designing to help you maintain your space, keeping it clean and tidy.


When deciding on the materials and colour for your floor, you need to consider who will be using the space. Do you have a big family with little feet running around the house? Is your place likely to receive high traffic of people on a regular basis? If this is true then avoid shiny finishes especially in colours such as black or white where the dirt will stand out more. When adding details such as LED lights to your kitchen plinths remember all dust and dirt on the floor will be highlighted. This does not mean LED lights should not be considered as they have the ability to create a lovely ambience through the increased amount of light. We suggest a matt finish floor in the areas of the house that are made dirty easily and LED lighting should be added to areas that are not prone to getting dirty.

Work Surfaces

The surfaces must be carefully considered to suite your preferred needs. It is important to remember, dark matt finished worktops and stainless-steel worktops will easily show finger prints and marks, whilst marble is easily porous.


Features such as architraves, covings and other wall mouldings are perfect dust collectors and real nightmare during the cleaning. Investing in flexible cleaning products to target these areas will help to tackle settled dust.

Clever Storage Solutions

This can be one of the best ways to organise your home and to store items that you may never remember about – this is generally moved when packing up or during a move or a big clean. It may be worth considering bespoke storage to suit your individual requirements and Amberth offer this as part of their services.

Mounted Basins And Tap Mixers

These require greater care each time you wash your hands and face. The decision to wall mount your taps to create an easy to maintain vanity area for the long-term use will avoid a build-up of water stains and limescale.


This is  a great way to enhance your space with books, ornaments, and interior accessories, they are also the perfect dust collectors. However, if you plan this as a main feature and are keen to have them in your home use light coloured shelves; the material should ideally be wood or a wood veneer.


Low-medium rise units can be the biggest dust collectors. Providing your ceilings are perfectly levelled, we would advise you to take your units up to the ceiling. An alternative is to use a finishing plinth for a smart look.

Furniture On Legs

This looks appealing and can often add character to your space but when it comes to cleaning it isn’t the most straight forward process. Often these areas get cleaned once or twice per year due to the amount of moving involved. We suggest wall mounting your vanity units and storage solutions to create easy access underneath and a clean, minimal look. Clean and wipe as you go for a well-kept space all year round.

Decorative Chandeliers

Decorative chandeliers are always a lovely final touch for your space so during the process of selection consider how easy it will be to maintain. Decorative chandeliers gather dust very easily so if you do not have the time to clean the chandeliers opt for a style with a smooth surface.

If you would like further assistance for your home renovation please feel free to contact Amberth here to talk to a member of the team. Alternatively, call us on 02073548958.  We hope this has given you inspiration about your home renovations and for more home renovation ideas read  top 5 materials to use for your kitchen worktop.

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