Following a previous post where we discussed the pros and cons of different worktops, we will be continuing the advice with the best ways to decide on your cabinet door finishes, the pros, and cons for each material, with examples of kitchens completed by Amberth. It is always a good idea to gain clarity on how you use your kitchen or intend to use it before making important decisions on finishes. Do you have a large family and spend most of your time in your kitchen or is it more of a show kitchen, used mainly when you have guests over? What is your preferred style? Once you have gained clarity on how you will use your space, deciding on the finish of your cabinetry will be a much easier task.


Bespoke Shaker style cabinetry (hand painted Solid wood)

For a traditional shaker style or a contemporary classic kitchen, solid wood (oak or ash) is a popular choice amongst our clients. With a full range of colours available, layers of paint would be applied to the solid wood maintaining the visibility of the natural wooden grain, an appealing detail for those wanting character and charm. If you are considering solid wood, be mindful that hairline cracks on painted solid wood cabinetry will eventually appear. Caused by natural movement of wood these cracks are highlighted in humid environments. Some companies will request you to sign a finish waiver. If you are considering a solid wood finish, be mindful that is does come at a cost and may stretch towards the higher end of your budget.


Bespoke cabinetry (Silk Lacquered)

For someone seeking a more contemporary look, consider lacquered doors, and drawers available in a wide variety of colours and finishes, (For best results we would recommend lacquer MDF) from matt to satin and high gloss. As a washable finish, it is easy to maintain and a popular finish amongst our clients. As any other product, the paint can chip if used with force and we would therefore recommend ordering a touch up kit with the kitchen. It will contain paint from the same batch of paint used on your cabinetry and brushes on very easily.


Bespoke cabinetry (Silk Lacquered)
Bespoke cabinetry (Top cupboards: Veneer & lower cupboards lacquered)

Made from thin, delicate slices of wood and affixed to a durable substrate material, veneer is a great choice for a less costly way to achieve a wood effect. With greater resistance to warping than solid wood, veneer is also available in satin, gloss, and high gloss. Although very practical, veneer can look less elegant than solid wood, and can easily scratch, therefore requires a greater deal of care. Marine varnish can be used to make it more water tight, providing greater durability. Veneer is only available up to 2.5meters in length depending on the availability and the type of veneer and would need to be joined if you needed a longer length. The Veneer used in this kitchen is a high gloss piano finish, contrasted against white matt lacquered lower cabinets.


Bespoke cabinetry (High gloss Parapan)

Constructed of a high gloss solid acrylic, Parapan, a glossy mirror like finish, lends itself to a contemporary style and is used often in kitchens. This finish is available with custom cabinets which would be a pricier option and is a durable, scratch and water resistant material. It is also UV resistant which means the colour won’t fade. Parapan is also available in a matt finish in black and white. Whatever finish you decide to use for your kitchen cabinets, be sure to seek professional advice before committing. Feel free to contact us here; Amberth or head over to our Houzz page to see more projects.