A big ask among our clients is to maximise the space in their kitchen with smart storage solutions. As bespoke Kitchen & Bathroom designers we are always thinking of innovative ways to incorporate the right amount of storage to suite our client’s needs, and with our made to measure cabinets we like to ensure we give our clients get exactly what they want. Today were looking at different storage solutions that will help to maintain an organised kitchen.


Having a space where all appliances are hidden away is often a wish item amongst our client, therefore introducing an integrated fridge as part of the cabinetry is a smart way to achieve style and convenience.


For spaces with high ceilings, we often suggest a full-height pull out larder, keeping your dry foods, bottles and taller items at arm’s reach. This is a great way to organise your space, keep regularly items in sight and will make life easier when it comes to replenishing food. Larder’s come in sizes between 900 – 2300mm in height and 250 – 600mm width, therefore you are not limited to where you can have them, enabling flexibility in the design.


If you are limited for space, there is always other storage options, such as different pull out solutions. Once it has been decided where you want to store what, we can recommend the best solution for you. These pull-outs are beneficial to smaller spaces that have limited cabinetry space allowance.


The best way to ensure your drawers are used for its required purpose is to design them for their individual use. This drawer has been designed to house bowls and plates. There are many different styles that allow you to arrange them in different ways and store various sizes. Please feel free to get in touch if you require further information.


If you are keen to design every detail of your cabinetry, down to your cutlery drawer you get the advantage of choosing the finish, the colour, and the size of each compartment. This service will appeal to someone with a unique collection of utensils.


If you’re unsure how to use those hard to reach corners, an integrated corner system is what you need. What makes Amberth unique is our ability focus on how a space will be used. Before we begin the design process, we offer a complimentary consultation where we discuss our client needs and reflect this in a design proposal.


If you do require further advise and would like to know the best way to tailor your kitchen storage, we would love to hear from you. Drop us a message at studio@amberth.co.uk and we will get back to you soon.