It’s time to create your dream bathroom in 7 steps that meet your space and style requirements. This process is often met with various challenges, from sourcing the right materials through to making good use of the natural light, or maximising your space. See our tips and tricks to overcoming these barriers below.


1.Where is your source of light?

To ensure you get the most out of your bathroom it must function correctly with the light. If your space benefits from a large window with an abundance of natural light coming simply position your bath beside the window – this will allow you to optimise the natural light in the space.


2.Use mirrors. 

If you have no windows then the next best option is a mirror – the more mirrors, the better. Mirrored cabinets have been proven time and time again to visually increase the size of the space whilst boosting the reflective light bouncing off of the surfaces throughout.


3.Place fittings in complimentary spots

Although there is no ‘written rule’ to the location of your fitting, it is a good idea to seek advice from a professional to guarantee the layout works with the space. The way in which the taps and shower valves are positioned will have a significant influence on the positioning for the rest of the features i.e. storage. Fortunately, Amberth’s bespoke service will benefit those seeking a personalised space.


4.Create a statement

Go bold and wonderful with your fittings and fixtures to space up the space. The colour scheme and the patterns on the tile exude an Art Deco vibe in this bathroom, which creates a statement look. If you wish to add subtle drama to your home, the bathroom is the perfect space to achieve something unique.


5.Create a wet area 

Imagine having peace of mind because you do not have to worry about moisture damaging the surfaces in the shower area. Placing the shower and bath directly beside one another means the moisture is restricted to one space, which will leave you with more time to relax.


6.Pamper with a steam shower

If you have opted for a walk-in shower, it means you have a wonderful opportunity to indulge in other luxurious treats that will add a new dimension to the showering experience. If you choose to invest in a steam shower you will not only experience an entirely new showering dimension, but you will start to see physical and mental health benefits.


7.Mix soft and hard, introducing plants

Add a comforting touch to the bathroom by introducing soft finishes to soften its typically ‘hard’ look. This can be achieved though accessories and furnishings, such as high quality towels on display, the placement of a soft rug across tile, or real plants placed next to the windows to bring a sense of ‘life’ to the space.

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