We believe there is a specific approach bathroom wallpaper if you want a sophisticated finish. What makes our service truly bespoke is the individual approach we have for each project, as we work with unique measurements and requirements. Recently,  we have been working on a children’s bathroom where our client wanted a feature wall. We used a palm tree wallpaper to achieve a statement and introduced a bold colour for a distinctive charm. Today we are looking at five bathrooms that successfully use wallpaper to achieve a distinctive look.


The tropical birds, lush leaves, and grass weaves wallpaper by Tektura wallpaper made this an easy decision for the project we are working on. This will be placed on the wall opposite the bath because it is suitable for bathrooms as long as the wallpaper does not touch water. We have applied wallpaper suitable adhesives to ensure this wallpaper is durable and long lasting.

Photo Credit: Tektura


Often, the smallest spaces benefit the most from an innovative touch and this small bathroom demonstrates this idea beautifully. With different angled walls the wallpaper highlights the angles, because it draws your eyes up and down the brass fittings. The white metro tiles offset the sophisticated grey and brass tones creating a sophisticated scheme.

Image Credit: The Pink House


If you have a small bathroom and you want to achieve statement look opt for interesting wallpaper. This can look great when it is situated by the basin therefore we recommend using tiles on the lower part of the wall in order to provide protection from water. Wallpaper can then be introduced on the top half of the wall.

Photo Credit: Lewis’s.


In this small bathroom the wallpaper works particularly well. The small downstairs toilet need not ben forgotten instead it can set the tone for the rest of the house. We recommend you check with the company you are using to determine how resistant and washable your preferred wallpaper is because, some wallpapers are only water resistant while others are also washable.


Image Credit: Retro Lover


If your bathroom naturally offers character with an alcove, or cornices, introducing wallpaper is a nice way to highlight such features. The same thing applies for any room.

Image Credit: The Inspired Room


It is important to make informed decisions when choosing to use wallpaper in unexpected places such as the bathroom. We recommend using neutral colours with bold prints or sticking to one main colour, perhaps a combination of two colours to ensure your space feels contemporary and not dated. If you have found this post useful and would like to discuss your own bespoke bathroom with a twist, we would love to hear from you. Head to Amberth and fill out our contact form then a member of our team will be in touch.