Not everyone owns a spacious bathroom. However, making use of every space can achieve its full potential, and create a distinctive and organized look. With limited interior space, decorating can be challenging. Make use of creativity and explore these bathroom storage ideas for inspiration. Turn any compact and mundane bathroom into a functional, stylish, and efficient area. Here are a few bathroom storage tricks that will not only help you save space, but also get rid of the typical clutter.



Wall-Mounted Mirrored Cabinet


Limited space is a thing of the past if you opt to install a wall-mounted mirrored cabinet. Not only it creates an illusion of a roomy bathroom but also hides your bathroom stuff in plain sight.





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Multi-Purpose Cabinet


With tons of vanity products, bathroom cleaning supplies, towels, blower, and a lot more, who wouldn’t want additional storage for a compact bathroom? With a smart storage solution for cabinetry adjacent to the sink, it can serve multiple uses to suit your needs.





Image Credit: Elle Decor



Floor-to-Ceiling Cabinetry



For a bathroom with tall ceilings, extend the storage capacity upwards by installing a mirrored floor-to-ceiling cabinetry. It provides a storage solution and adds personality and elegance all in one. Never run out of small bathroom storage again! The floor-to-ceiling cabinet is what space efficiency means.





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Built-in Wall Cabinetry


To make up for the lack of floor space in your bathroom, fill in your empty wall with smart bathroom storage that stores your toiletries, tissue paper, beauty products, and many more. Have a clutter-free sink in no time!




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Built-in Shelf above the Door


Don’t waste that little space above the bathroom door. Hang a shelf on top, and display decor, toiletries, towels or extra tissue papers.



Storage Ladder


Small space? No problem. Repurpose an old ladder. Have an instant solution by placing a storage ladder to hang towels or place baskets to keep things tidy or mason jars with flowers for added charm. Isn’t it a nifty supply stand?





Image Credit: Elle Decor



Storage Baskets

Bring in the laundry basket with a flat and sturdy lid to store clean towels. It can also serve as a space to display toiletries or decors.



Hanging Wall Baskets

Make floating shelves possible with hanging wall baskets to free floor space. Simply hang two parallel towel bars and securely tie the baskets on the bar. Now you can hang towels and paper tissues with ease.



Rolling Shelf or Magazine Rack

Even a sliver of space next to the toilet can have a huge impact in a tiny bathroom. Fit in a rolling shelf or magazine rack in that tiny space. You’ll be glad you did. It makes stuff pretty accessible.





A variety of hooks can be of great help to display your stuff such as jewellery, blower, curling irons or towels to be hung. Hanging them on hooks makes a bathroom look less stuffy and attractive.





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Tower of Baskets or Buckets

A tower of baskets in your bathroom can provide storage space for your beauty supplies, keeping everything in place. It’s a simple DIY storage hack done by roping together hanging baskets or buckets into a tower, giving the room a new ambience out of ordinary.