walk-in shower

Deciding whether to install a bath or a walk-in shower is a decision not to be taken lightly – it is the most important choice you will face when redesigning your bathroom. There are many factors to consider so we have given you a couple of couple of questions to help you make the right choice for you, and your loved ones.


Do you bath or shower more?

Be honest with yourself and think of what you preferred. Looking back at the past five years to understand the frequency of times you have used the space and what purpose it served when you were using it.


Who is using this bathroom?

Think of either the people in your household or your potential buyers. Young, busy couples tend to prefer walk-in showers over tubs. The same is true for many elderly and disabled individuals because walk-ins are easy to get into and out of; however, these homeowners tend to prefer a place to sit and railings for safety and ease. Although, it would be difficult for parents of babies and toddlers to manage bath time in a shower.

If you are looking to age-in-place, a shower is a good investment. If you are planning to start a family, make sure you have at least one tub. Baths in a master suite are usually only used by adults. If you plan to keep or install a master bathtub, consider deep, stand-alone models. These provide a luxurious option for those who like to soak in comfort. There are models for every aesthetic, easily incorporated into modern, rustic and antique designs. You can even look for varieties with jets or internal heaters that help keep the water warm.


Is this a long-term investment?

If this is a home that you plan to have for years to come, a walk-in shower may be just the thing you had always wished for, as the bath just never gets used. Or you maybe you’re thinking of selling in 5 years’ time. A house often sells better if it comes with a bath in the family bathroom which means not installing one can devalue the property or make it harder to sell in the future. This is often the deciding factor amongst our clients.


How much space do you have?

The average bathroom is 40 square feet and a standard tub is 15 square feet. Bathrooms see a lot of activity, and cramped spaces induce stress. A walk-in shower may be the right choice if you have a small bathroom because they take up an average of 12 square feet of floor space. That extra 7% of open floor can make a surprisingly big difference.

If you are still unsure which would suite you best then Amberth will tell you the best way to work your space in a way that suits you. Visit the studio with drafted plans with measurements and images of the space then we provide bespoke layout options. This will help you visualise how the space would look with a bath, or a walk-in shower or both.